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Thanks for visiting Dixie Marketing’s Website. We are the largest Public Safety Manufacturer’s Rep Group in the Southeast. We represent manufacturers which you will find below. Click on the Company Name on the menu bar to see details about each company. Please browse through our site and see how we can help you.

Dixie Marketing Associates, Inc.

200 Rolling Meadows Trail
Fayetteville Ga 30215

Phone 770-461-0900
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Anchor Uniform

Who is Anchor Uniform Manufacturing?
We have over 38 years experience in high fashion outerwear and rainwear. We apply our expertise to career apparel for styling, fit and quality. At Anchor Uniform we strive to do our best to make you the best.

Are all Anchor Uniform Styles shown here?

No. Anchor Uniform is perhaps the leading American manufacturer of quality retail outerwear and rainwear for men. Some is sold under our name and much is private labeled to well known national retailers. None of these coats are shown in our catalog or our website.

Also, some large police departments, government agencies and corporations order special styles and colors. We can customize almost any style and can add colors to your specifications. We will be happy to discuss your needs.

Can you fit unusual sizes?

Yes. If a size that you need is not shown, we can make it to measure.

Anchor Uniform Website

Contact us or a Anchor Uniform distributor.

Can I buy direct from Anchor Uniform?
No, but you can go to the Contact us page on our website and we will have a distributor contact you, or you can go to the Distributors page and contact a distributor directly.

Are your garments warrantied?
All outerwear is warrantied for three years for defects in either workmanship or materials.

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Welcome to Bayco
Delivering professional grade task lighting solutions to the world.
Our extensive task lighting portfolio spans professional and non-professional applications, from completely portable task lights for the utmost user mobility, to powerful free-standing lights for large work areas. Indestructible LED lights for hazardous confined spaces and high-intensity fluorescent corded lights for utility areas.
We are an advocate that light is a fundamental necessity for all living things and for the professional and non-professional, that necessity is not compromised.
Bayco relies on innovation through technical leadership with a constant vigil on high product quality. We are the leaders in the next generation of semiconductor based professional task lighting that is emerging as the new standard for the most demanding work environments.

  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Public Safety
  • Automotive
  • Outdoor Recreation
  • Personal Safety
  • Consumer DIY

At Bayco we believe that your Life Depends on Light™.

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Black Diamond Footwear


Black Diamond is pleased to announce that it is the first fire boot to be awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the APMA.  The APMA Seal of Acceptance Program was created to inform podiatric physicians and consumers about products whose quality, safety and effectiveness promote good foot health.  In order to qualify for the Seal products must pass a grueling scientific evaluation by a panel of APMA members and rigorous testing at a recognized laboratory.  The results are then evaluated by a committee of Doctors of Podiatric Medicine who decide to grant or deny the use of the Seal.

“We are proud to be the first fire boots to be recognized and awarded the APMA Seal of Acceptance”said Black Diamond President, Rob Mills.  “The APMA’s efforts to promote better foot health is consistent with our efforts to build boots that will support the brave men and women in the fire service as they provide world-class support and protection to our communities.”  

Black Diamond is the leader in performance protective footwear.  Our boots are in service daily with fire departments from around the world in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Thailand, China, Taiwan, Canada and the United States of America.  Utilizing proprietary footwear constructions and “best in class” components and materials such as CROSSTECH® and Ortholite®, we build a better boot for people who demand all-day comfort, support and protection.

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Strong Leather

Strong offers top quality selections of leather and ballistic gear products for both on and off duty use. We continue to develop new products to meet the critical need of today’s law enforcement and concealment style holsters. These products are proof of our Strong commitment.
In law enforcement. the products you rely on must perform flawlessly. Each detail that adds to their performance increases your effectiveness and safety on the job.
At Strong, we design and construct each product with this in mind. We select the finest materials and components. Extra care and attention is given at every phase, using practical knowledge as well as new technologies. The results are products that give you added durability, enhanced performance, innovative features and built-in quality.
In short, Strong products give you the edge. . .

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Tacprogear manufactures a complete line of high-speed low-drag tactical gear & equipment. Tacprogear is widely used in global hot spots where high-speed, low-drag equipment is required, not optional!

Tacprogear’s logistics capabilities & network of reliable global partners helps us achieve extraordinary results . . . delivering mission critical equipment to places that most people cannot find on a map! Tacprogear manufacturers to spec and has an extensive network of factories and distribution centers to expedite domestic & international orders.

Tacprogear’s battle tested products include the following:

  • Hard Armor
  • Soft Armor
  • Carriers
  • Vests
  • Pockets
  • Pouches
  • Packs
  • Flashlights
  • Safety Equipment
  • Sleeping Bags
  • Weapon lights
  • Apparel
  • Gloves
  • Coveralls
  • Balaclavas
  • Footwear
  • Weapon Accessories
  • Slings
  • Eye Protection
  • PPE

Dealer and Distributer inquiries, please click here for Email or  call toll free 1-800-560-7790

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SSI Tactical Gear

SSI Logo


Going back to the Han Dynasty eight centuries ago and on through the Roman Empire, World War II and right up to present day, one of the decisive factors in victory on the battlefield or in special operations has been none other than the lowly boot. Without good boots, military disasters have frequently occurred.

Take for example, Hitler’s campaign “Barbarossa”, or Red Beard, where the biggest invasion in history (four million German soldiers along a front that was 2,900 miles wide) invaded Russia. The Germans didn’t count on the invasion lasting until winter. There on the outskirts of Moscow, exhausted German soldiers that had been marching up to 12 hours a day, found themselves facing winter with light summer boots. Their feet were soon devastated by the freezing Russian cold, or what they called “General Winter”. They were ultimately defeated by ice.

So, when SSI Tactical Gear set about designing the best boot for combat for law enforcement and military personnel they used the experience they have as the leading trainers for SWAT and Special Operations teams around the world. This real-world experience led to a boot design that would protect warriors in any conditions. A boot warriors could fight in over glass shards, sharp metal shrapnel from IED’s, and any other obstacles that got in their way. They crafted the Victory to withstand the rigors of kicking through doors and windows to get the bad guys; accomplish the mission; come home safe; and never be defeated by anything.


The Victory can now be yours through SSI Tactical Gear.

Using top quality components that are made in the United States of America using Velcro safety fasteners, 3M Thinsulate (200 grams) and YKK Zippers, SSI’s Victory Boot is rugged as it is flexible and lightweight. The sole is cut deep, which gives you the traction you need on any surface. 1,000 Denier Nylon Cordura with its breathable, antibacterial lining gives you full weather resistance (Water repelant). Genuine leather completes the boot’s durability and performance and incorporates features like the “TactiPocket” on the side.

In tough times for budgets in departments across the country, you can get the Victory for 30% less than any other competitive product that is made in America – quality and durability that exceeds footwear our well-known competitors make in China or Asia – and still beats their price.

Dealer and Distributer inquiries, please click here for Email or  call toll free 1-800-560-7790

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Swiftwick Professional Engineered Foot Protection



More than just socks to protect the feet of Law Enforcement, Fire , EMS and other professionals that are on their feet all day.

Made in the USA

Manufactured in Tennessee.

Company Culture
Swiftwick’s vision is to be the leader in sock technology while creating a culture focused on manufacturing the best products through environmentally friendly means, social responsibility, and superior customer service.
Made in the USA
Domestic production affords us improved quality control. We keep a close eye on the sources of our materials and the integrity of our finished product. Swiftwick is proud to employ an American workforce, with all of our socks made in Tennessee.

Sustainable Approach

Our Performance Line socks are knitted at 200 needles; the highest density you’ll find in socks. The higher the needle count, the tighter the knit. Our socks are so tightly knitted that trail debris or foreign material can’t penetrate your sock to cause irritation and blistering. This structure creates a second-skin feel, prevents shifting or bunching and eliminates the risk of friction blisters while making your shoes fit more comfortably. Our high-gauge construction produces a softer, denser, and more durable garment. Wear Swiftwick and you’ll buy fewer socks — It’s that simple.
Swiftwick Guarantee
We unconditionally guarantee every Swiftwick product to be the best performance product you have ever worn, or we invite you to mail us the laundered socks and a request for a competitor’s replacement pair of equal value.
Dealer and Distributer inquiries, please click here for Email or  call toll free 1-800-560-7790
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Protek Nozzles & Accessories


Since 1991, Protek Manufacturing Corp. has always adhered itself to three principles: creating value for its customers, providing exceptional service, and delivering unparalleled quality. Since its inception, Protek has dramatically evolved the products offered and catered to the needs of our customers. From handline nozzles to remote controlled monitors, Protek is an industry leader in the fire equipment industry.

Located in Taichung, Taiwan, Protek has the capability and capacity to achieve its three principles. From employing the latest CNC machining equipment to testing all of its products before shipment, Protek takes pride in the products it delivers, as customers in over 40 countries can attest to. Furthermore, its ISO 9001 certification proves its relentless dedication to quality.

As time progresses, Protek is constantly ensuring that it evolves with the industry while maintaining the three principles. Continually meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, Protek strives to continue its position as an industry leader and to provide exceptional service.

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Baker Ballistics


Baker Ballistics, LLC was started in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York City, by Lt. Alfred J. Baker, a highly decorated officer now retired from the NYPD Emergency Service Unit.
During his career Lt. Baker was called to take action in multiple shootouts, and experienced the loss of heroic fellow officers who were murdered in the line of duty. He felt compelled to use his background and ingenuity to create an innovative new armor that would protect officers when faced with armed threats.
In 2003 Lt. Baker, President/Inventor teamed up with Rick Armellino, Director/CEO, in the design and manufacturing of the Baker Batshield®, calling on Armellino’s more than 30 years of experience in armor, which included being the past President of American Body Armor. The team engineered and tested their product until convinced it was ready for production.
The first Baker Batshield® was introduced in 2004. It provides armored shield protection of officers during deployment in active shooter threats, is designed to work with a handgun, long gun, shot gun or sub-machine gun and combines the benefits of rapid mobility, superior firepower accuracy and optimum personal ballistic protection.
The Baker Batshield® has proven to be one of the best life-saving pieces of police equipment ever designed. It is now used by law enforcement, military, and security officers worldwide.
Baker Ballistics™ is staffed with experienced law enforcement and industry professionals who share the concern about the increase in armed violence occurring in schools, malls, businesses and public places and the risks they present to law enforcement personnel and innocent citizens.
We are proud that our products are made in the United States. Baker Ballistics™ is the sole manufacturer of the Baker Batshield® products. They are available from authorized distributors and dealers.
Baker Batshield® Composite Ballistic Shields are solely manufactured by Baker Ballistics, LLC under the exclusive license authorized and granted by Alfred J. Baker.

Patent No: 6,595,101
Patent No: 6,886,446
Patent No: 7,520,206

Baker Ballistics Website

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