Protek Nozzles & Accessories


Since 1991, Protek Manufacturing Corp. has always adhered itself to three principles: creating value for its customers, providing exceptional service, and delivering unparalleled quality. Since its inception, Protek has dramatically evolved the products offered and catered to the needs of our customers. From handline nozzles to remote controlled monitors, Protek is an industry leader in the fire equipment industry.

Located in Taichung, Taiwan, Protek has the capability and capacity to achieve its three principles. From employing the latest CNC machining equipment to testing all of its products before shipment, Protek takes pride in the products it delivers, as customers in over 40 countries can attest to. Furthermore, its ISO 9001 certification proves its relentless dedication to quality.

As time progresses, Protek is constantly ensuring that it evolves with the industry while maintaining the three principles. Continually meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers, Protek strives to continue its position as an industry leader and to provide exceptional service.