StrongSuit Gloves


StrongSuit gloves are designed for performance. All of our gloves are made to fit the curve of the hand, incorporating innovative designs and materials to give you the best glove for the task at hand. We don’t just want our gloves to fit. We want to give you real strength at hand.
Our History

After spending years making gloves for other people, our founder decided it was time to bring gloves that fit to the market. Our founding philosophy was to make a better fitting, better performing glove. Whether we achieve that through product design, choice of materials, a combination of both, or some revolutionary new feature doesn’t matter. We strive to be the best fitting, best performing glove in the market.

We continue to expand into new market segments as we develop our relationships with our customers. Our customers get that WE LISTEN. We take our customers feedback and make changes and bring new products to market to meet our customers’ needs. We won’t stop pushing innovation. Since our start in 2009, we have continued to develop new products and solve our customers’ needs. Our goal has never changed: we want to give you STRENGTH AT HAND.